Scotland consistently punches above its weight in scientific performance.

In a study carried out over a ten year period across 26 countries (which are responsible for 95% of the world’s top research), Scotland came first in terms of citations relative to GDP and 2nd in terms of the impact of Scottish research. Scotland is globally renowned for its strong history in life sciences, from the discovery of penicillin through to the first cloned animal, Scotland is always at the cutting edge of new technologies.

South Ayrshire is proud to be home to companies in this key industry that cut across a number of technologies such as:

  • Printing 3D cell models
  • Biopolymer manufacturing
  • Natural polymer research from marine products
  • Medical fabric manufacture
  • Agritech

South Ayrshire is well placed to support life sciences companies wishing to locate to the area, with students graduating locally in various life science degrees such as Applied Biology and Biotechnology.  The region also draws on a skilled workforce from the wider geographical area which encompasses Glasgow.