Glasgow Prestwick Airport will present it’s plans to become the UK’s first spaceport at the UK Space Agency’s Launch UK Conference

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is today (Tuesday 21 February) attending a major UK Space Agency event in London.

The day-long event– which is being held at the Royal Aeronautical Society – is showcasing the progress being made towards small-satellite launch and sub-orbital flights in the UK.

The event will have representation from UK spaceports, spaceflight vehicle operators and organisations from the wider UK space manufacturing sector.

There will be a talk from the UK Government giving an initial outline of the regulations, with input from the UK Space Agency, Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Health and Safety Executive. This will be the first official indication of what the regulations for spaceports and spaceflight in the UK will look like.

Richard Jenner, Spaceport Director, Glasgow Prestwick Airport said: “I am looking forward to hearing some further detail on what the regulatory framework will look like. The information shared today will feed in to our plans. Although, we are confident that we are already moving in the right direction.”

Richard will be giving a briefing on the airport’s current stance and readiness to be the UKs first spaceport.

He said: “Glasgow Prestwick Airport fulfils much of the essential criteria for a spaceport such as infrastructure, favourable weather conditions and relatively clear airspace. And, as such, we believe that our airport is ready and equipped to become the UK and Europe’s first major space launch site with minimal investment.”

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is located at the heart of the largest aerospace cluster in Scotland and third largest in the UK – Prestwick Aerospace. It has a range of established relationships in the space, aerospace and related sectors, which they can draw on.

Richard added: “We have been working hard to build relationships within the space industry and this event provides us with an opportunity to make even more people aware of how progressed we are with our plans and to expand our network for the UK’s collective gain.

“A spaceport at Glasgow Prestwick Airport will have an impact in the rest of Scotland and the UK. It will create approximately 2,000 jobs and generate a further £320million for the UK economy.”

Guests attending the event will hear from Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, on the UK’s ambition for spaceflight.

There will also be a presentation from Ross James, Deputy CEO of the UK Space Agency, outlining the satellite launch programme.

Those attending who want to speak to a member of the Glasgow Prestwick team will have the opportunity to do so at Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport’s exhibition stand.

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